Relationship Tips Every Man Must Know: Keep Up The Romance

September 5, 2017


By now, we have all learned (the easy or the hard way) that men and women are very different, and there’s pretty much no getting around it.

Add to this another equation that says every woman is unique and different in her own way as well, and you might really find yourself in a pickle.

When boys become men, we start looking for a fulfilling and meaningful relationship, and the key to having one is understanding what your lady’s heart desire.

So far we talked about why you should really get to know her and why empathy is so important, today we focus on why ROMANCE is never to be neglected.

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Romance As The Fuel

You never want to lose the first thing that (probably) brought the two of you together. Friend zone is a dangerous thing and the last thing you want to happen between you and a woman you want to pursue romantically.

Falling into this vicious pit from which it is almost impossible to get out is a huge no-no.

To make sure this isn’t happening to you, you need to show her and prove to her that you are indeed the full package. Aside from emotional intimacy, physical intimacy must also be present at all times.

Here are some basic romantic gestures that are unfortunately dying out, but can sure help you make sure your relationship is alive:

  • holding doors for her
  • pulling out a chair for her
  • leaving her notes with romantic messages
  • planning surprise getaways
  • telling her she’s beautiful
  • recreating your first date

These are all simple yet effective romantic gestures that will do wonders for both your emotional AND your sex life.

The romantic spark between you and your lady must never die out.

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