Man’s Worst Enemy – The Friend Zone

September 16, 2014


Even though this whole business of the friend zone has become something of a popular cliché, getting “friend zoned” is in fact a very real and frustrating problem that many men face in their dating lives.

Far too many guys wind up platonic “friends” with a woman when in truth, they would much rather explore a sexual or romantic relationship with her. And all too often, they’re not exactly sure how they get themselves into this situation…

What Is The Friend Zone?

When you meet an attractive woman who you feel lust for, who tells you in one way or another that she’d rather just “be friends” with you, you have officially entered the friend zone.

Another common scenario is when you’re already friends with an attractive girl who you have sexual and/or romantic feelings for.

When you try to express your attraction to her either through words or actions, and she responds coolly, then you are stuck in the friend zone.

Of course, you aren’t really stuck there, you could leave at any time. But if you’re like most guys in this situation, you’re patiently staying “friends” with your attractive female friend and just waiting for the chance to explore a non-platonic, sexual relationship with her if and when the opportunity arises.

However, you can turn this situation around. When you hear “let’s just be friends” or something similar, a girl is saying that she isn’t interested in you as a sexual or romantic partner but she is willing to have a platonic “friendship” with you.

Time To Get Out Of There!

By the time a woman has categorized you in her mind as a “friend”, you’re already fighting an uphill battle. And the longer you’ve been in that role, the harder it will be to reframe the nature of your relationship in a romantic context.

Spill the beans to your attractive female friend. Honestly and directly express to her exactly how you feel.

This is harder than it sounds. The very fact that this woman sees you as a “buddy” probably means that you have some trouble expressing your sexual and romantic desires in an upfront, unapologetic, sincere and totally honest way.

But whatever may be on your mind, sit down with your female friend, look her in the eye and tell her exactly how you feel and what you want out of your relationship. This is about as smooth and subtle as a karate kick to the head but it is cathartic.