Partners Who Fart In Front Of Each Other Are More Likely To Stay Together

August 24, 2017

Farting strengthens relationships

Yes, a fart can indeed strengthen your relationship.

Although doing nasty and unpleasant things in front of your partner is usually something that people avoid, it appears that farting in your partner’s presence can indeed make sure your relationship is on the right track

Sure, we all want to be the best versions of ourselves and to make our love interest fall in love with us, but much like it is the case with, well – everything really – your behavior within a relationship changes over time, along with the two of you.

Neither of you are that exact same person from the beginning of your relationship.

Your love gets stronger, your communication becomes better, trust builds up, you feel free to be your true self, aaaaand – that’s where farts come in!

Or, out, for that matter.

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Trust And Sincerity

The majority of lasting relationships are based on complete trust and sincerity, and the only way to reach this state in a relationship is by being as natural as possible. It is as simple as that.

Leah Decesare, the author of several books on family psychology, reveals that her first fart in front of her husband changed their relationship forever, and for the better. She adds that it was at that very moment, when he heard her farting for the first time, that he knew he was going to be with her for life.


And to round things up, here’s Louis CK’s perfect explanation why farts are funny and natural!