Relationship Tips Every Man Must Know: Why EMPATHY Is Paramount

August 22, 2017

Couple having a conversation on the sofa

By now, we have all learned (the easy or the hard way) that men and women are very different, and there’s pretty much no getting around it.

Add to this another equation that says every woman is unique and different in her own way as well, and you might really find yourself in a pickle.

When boys become men, we start looking for a fulfilling and meaningful relationship, and the key to having one is understanding what your lady’s heart desire.

Last time we talked about why you should really get to know her, while on today’s episode of Relationship Tips Every Man Must Know, we focus on why EMPATHY is perhaps the most crucial thing for the working and satisfying relationship you both want.

Empathy As A Must For Every Happy Couple

All humans have an innate need to be taken seriously, to be heard and ultimately – to be understood. Especially women. Each lady seeks a partner who will be able and willing to listen to her without any judgment.

This is why you as a man must create an environment in which you will both be able to feel vulnerable, and maybe even more importantly – not afraid or ashamed to express this vulnerability.

This can only be accomplished by mastering the skill of empathy.

As folks over at Zoosk write, there are many ways to be empathetic, which include:

  • active listening,
  • suspending any judgment or preconceived notions about a given situation
  • putting yourself in her shoes,
  • showing positive body language to let her know that you’re engaged in the conversation.

All this, of course, needs to be genuine. Not forced.

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Any woman will tell you that any non-empathic behavior that comes from her man will make her feel like she’s alone, even though you are right there. If she feels like you don’t understand her, or like she can’t really rely on you to help her overcome her issues, she won’t be around much longer.

“On the other hand,” says Zoosk, “conveying true empathy makes her feel as if the two of you are in this together. You’re a unit, a team, and you can work through challenges together.”

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