4 Mind-blowing Sex Facts You Didn’t Learn In Biology Class

November 27, 2017

Once we all stop our moral policing when it comes to anything sex-related, we are left with a humongous pile of interesting factoids and crazy studies done all over the world.

For example, did you know that, apart from humans, only dolphins and bonobos have sex for pleasure? Yeah, neither did we. But since they can’t actually read or speak, we won’t be focusing on their “steamy adventures” anytime soon.

Did you know that a female ferret… Ok, we’ll stop now, we promise, no more animals. Trying to cram everything interesting about sex in one article or video would be like trying to explain Game of Thrones to your grandmother; there’s just too much stuff. Hmm, now why did Game of Thrones immediately come to mind here?? Whatever, it just felt natural.

So, make sure nobody’s gonna turn your bannermen against you while you watch and get ready to go “huh, that’s a thing” with our latest video. We especially like the study dealing with Latino women and are moving as we speak.