Here’s Why Monogamy Might Already Be An Obsolete Notion

February 21, 2017

Ok, guys, here are some good news. It appears that being non-monogamous might soon become a socially accepted concept.

Being non-monogamous is not about “cheating” your partner and it is definitely not about being “better” or “worse” than monogamous couples – it is actually all about what the two of you as a couple (and as individuals) perceive as normal.

It’s all about communicating.

For example, we agree that having multiple sex partners beyond your primary partner without his/her consent or approval is a huge no-no.

This would be called “unethical non-monogamy” and hence perceived as betrayal.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

The point is that your relationship has a foundation of honesty. If openness is consistent and on-going, no feelings will end up getting hurt. It doesn’t matter if you reach an agreement that results in monogamy, or you agree to be in a non-monogamous relationship – what matters is that you don’t break this deal.

According to folks over at Big Think, we must remember that we are the ones that control sex, not the other way around:

“What we should begin insisting and establishing is that we have a hold on sex and romance, not the other way round; that sex has as much power as we want to give it, not an ineffable measure it gives us. This doesn’t undermine that sex can be powerful, that sex does come with measures of caution. But these, also, can be controlled,” Tauriq Moosa of says.

“What concerns me is our inability to communicate honestly with the very people in our lives we should be able to; that people who enjoy sex with lots of people are somehow bad as opposed to merely honest with themselves; that couples still hinge their relationships on irrational jealousy, to the point where partners are in an emotional burka of not being able to even look at attractive people, without their partner’s irrational scorn. We should be grown up enough as people, as a species, to see that monogamy is not the only way to conduct a relationship.”

Any thoughts?