Survey: What Women Really Think Of Our Body Hair

October 24, 2017

body hair

Beards, chest hair, back hair, and the hair down south… Some of us are pretty hairy and there’s nothing we can do about it. Or is there? However, the main issue here is:

What do the ladies think of our body hair?

Learning to embrace your body hair situation and control it is crucial if you want your wife, girlfriend, or your partner to be on board with it. So, are women still attracted to beards, chest hair and the hair in your southern region?

It indeed depends on who you ask and the opinions are indeed divided. Folks over at AskMen have conducted an interesting and pretty revealing survey, so let’s see what the outcome was!

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Some Ladies Really Like Hairy Men

To many women, being completely shaven feels unnatural and even immature. In fact, body and facial hair can be an age indicator and can make a man look older and wiser, and we all know that most women prefer guys who are older than them.

I personally like a little body and facial hair. Scruff if you will,” says one gal. “I’ll tend to notice facial hair and a beard before a clean shaven guy. Something about them looking a little more mature and manly is attractive to me.”

However, make sure you don’t let it get out of control.

I’m not looking to date a Mumford and Sons but I don’t mind facial hair or scruff terribly,” says a girl named Liz, 28. “Anything too wild and bushy is a no-no though. And no one besides Mr. Monopoly should have a handlebar mustache either.”

Back hair is a huge no-no, though.

“It’s fine to have chest hair as long as it’s not chest hair that morphs into shoulder, back, and neck hair,” says another lady. “Back hair is a huge turn off. It’s rough and quite honestly I just find it very unappealing.”

Some Like It Bare

Although most ladies said they prefer men with body hair, for some women it’s all about being completely bare.

“I can’t date a man who has body hair,” says one 37-year-old lady from New York City. “When a man has a great body but has hair on top of it, his body appeal is instantly gone. I can’t get past the body hair to see his muscle definition.”

It appears that gals who prefer hairless men like that feeling of cleanliness, especially when we talk about the region down south.

“Keep it under control,” says Jordan, 27. “We’re expected to keep things clean down there and guys should also.”

Grooming Is Key

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if your lady prefers a hairy or bare male body, one thing is pretty clear – it all comes down to grooming and maintenance.

Even the girls who enjoy the rough touch of a manly beard on her face (or wherever) prefer the beard has been cleaned.

“I am married to a husband with a beard and chest hair,” says one girl from San Francisco. “Even if he shaves in the morning, by evening, there is a significant 5 o’clock shadow. That, I like. But beyond the scruff, it gets to be a bit much.”

“I actually prefer hair if it’s maintained,” says another gal. “I think as long as a guy is well-groomed and takes care of himself, it’s great.”

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