5 Things Women Hate The Most In Men

October 26, 2017


No matter how bad we try to indulge women, we are bound to have certain habits our wives, female friends, girlfriends, lovers, or even female colleagues might find downright repulsive and disgusting.

Some things we do simply strike a nerve deep in their brains that make the ladies quite annoyed, and far too many times this happens that we are not even aware of it.

Your girlfriend may not say anything at that very moment in order to avoid an awkward situation, but it IS there. That thing you did that was so repulsive.

So in order to avoid these embarrassing situations in the future, we are presenting you the list of 5 things women hate the most in men.

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things women hate the most in men

1. Constantly Checking Themselves Out In The Mirror At The Gym

Yes, you’ve been working out and training hard at the gym, you haven’t even skipped your leg day and your muscles are starting to take shape and pop out, but that doesn’t mean you have to check yourself out in the mirror every 5 seconds.

Paying attention your progress is perfectly reasonable, but when you get too excited looking at your own reflection at the gym, it just gets weird and it is very annoying to the ladies.

2. Bad Hygiene

You must never look or smell like you completely forgot about or gave up on the concept of showering and personal hygiene.

We all have bodies that smell differently, nobody is perfect, and no body odor is pleasant by default, which is why taking care of our hygiene is crucial and you mustn’t be too lazy to shower properly and frequently.

3. Playing Video Games All The Time

Ah… the video game marathons. We love them so much, they hate them with all their strength. Yes, we all like scoring goals on your favorite console and saving the planet from virtual monsters, but that’s no reason to neglect your woman.

Make sure you arrange a plan and create the perfect balance between your game nights and you’re A-game nights, if you know what I mean.

4. Not Being Able To Express Feelings

Being able to express your feelings and communicate them in a healthy way is key and every woman will confirm this. Feelings and communication are the core of every healthy relationship and being able to talk about your emotions to a lady is always a huge turn on.

Having your feelings under control is important, but not wanting to talk about them, or not being able to, is when issues arise.

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5. Not Being Romantic Enough

Although most women tend to portray the tough attitude and come off as strong and independent (as they are), but deep down at heart they do want to feel like true fragile ladies and are almost always hopeless romantics.

Aside from being able to express your feelings, there’s nothing a lady likes more than a partner who connects with her emotionally and romantically. Always make sure you are a true gentleman (as there are few of those lately) and keep the romance alive.