Relationship Tips Every Man Must Know: Get To REALLY Know Her

August 17, 2017

Relationship Tips

By now, we have all learned (the easy or the hard way) that men and women are very different, and there’s pretty much no getting around it.

Add to this another equation that says every woman is unique and different in her own way as well, and you might really find yourself in a pickle.

When boys become men, we start looking for a fulfilling and meaningful relationship, and the key to having one is understanding what your lady’s heart desire.

In today’s episode of Relationship Tips Every Man Must Know, we focus on why you should REALLY get to know your lady in order to create the satisfying relationship you both want.

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The Get-Know-You Steps Are Crucial

This is especially important if you are yet to have the first date with the woman you like. You don’t want to rush things too much. Never try to skip all the beauties of learning details of one another and really getting to know her.

According to Zoosk: “many women have had pretty bad and extremely memorable first date experiences with men who want to skip over all the get-know-you steps and go straight to bed. Women are on high-alert about this. Not only is it just plain wrong to think that every woman wants to sleep with you on the first date, it also tells a woman that a serious relationship isn’t what you’re after.”

The Emotional Connection

If you are both looking for a meaningful and long-term relationship, you both must show that emotional connection is most important.

Having meaningful conversations and sharing some of the most intimate aspects of your life is crucial at first. That way you are telling her: “Here I am. This is me, without any pretense,” for only then will you be able to truly connect.

“You will signal to her that you’re willing to be open with her, which allows her the opportunity to let her guard down and reciprocate. Find out if you have any shared interests and values and don’t forget to be a gentlemen on your date by treating her with respect,” say the folks over at Zoosk.

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