People Who Go To Concerts Regularly Are Happier, New Study Says

September 4, 2017

People having fun at a concert

When’s the last time you went to a badass concert? Or better yet, decided to get into a pit to rock it hard and forget just about everything in your life that happened to you up to that one particular moment?

Well, you should definitely try doing it more often, new Australian study says.

Namely, as it turns out, people who regularly attend gigs and concerts are found to be feeling happier about their lives overall.

The study conducted by the Victoria’s Deakin University surveyed 1,000 Australians and found that folks who regularly attended any type of communal musical experience, reported much higher levels of satisfaction and happiness.

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The Communal Aspect Is Key

The survey also suggested that the most important part of the study was the communal aspect of the experience. They found that regularly listening to music in solitude simply didn’t cause the same effect on “social wellbeing”.

This doesn’t come as a surprise as previous studies have already found that people who prefer listening to their favorite tunes alone are in fact true loners.

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What is interesting, however, is that this more concerts more happiness effect doesn’t seem to be the case among the people creating the music. In fact, musicians and authors tend to feel blue on a regular basis and live much shorter lives.

But they do go down in history, though.