The Vinyl Comeback: Here’s Why You Should Buy a Record Player

March 27, 2017

Hipsters managed to do one good thing for modern society – they brought back vinyl records.

Just like tape killed the LPs back in the 80s and 90s, CD took over the market later on, but now as CD sales continue to drop, vinyls are taking the cake yet again.

If you haven’t already taken out the dusty old turntable from your dad’s basement, here’s why you should consider going back to buying LPs.

Vinyl Sound Is Supreme

The music from the vinyl simply sounds better. It is less compressed, the sound is more open, it is wider, and it has more natural bass, so you will actually hear bits of music you are simply unable to hear from a CD, let alone MP3 files.

I’ve recently bought a Massive Attack album “Mezzanine” on vinyl and boy was I a happy little camper! This is the album I played over a 1000 times on YouTube, and I even have in on CD, but when I listened to it on vinyl, I discovered a whole new spectrum of intricate sounds I wasn’t able to hear before.


Vinyl Lets You Enjoy Music Without Distractions

Good music should be appreciated and listened to without doing something else at the same time. Listening to vinyl records lets you step away from screens and all the usual distractions modern technology provides.

The internet, YouTube, and smartphones are just murdering your relationship with the music you love.

Treat Yourself and Enjoy Music Like a Boss – Buy the Best Vinyl Record Player!

Just shut down your phone, your computer too, pour yourself a nice glass of wine, focus on the music alone and let it take you where you’ve never been before by listening to your favorite album in its entirety.

A Record Player Will Add Character To Your Room/Apartment

Find a perfect spot for your turntable, stash your collection of records underneath, and voila – your apartment is an instant chick-magnet! It is also a great conversation starter when you have friends and fellow music lovers come over.

You can also use the covers of your favorite records as art to liven up your walls, just make sure you get the replacement sleeves to store the actual records.

It’s A Hobby That Will Bring More Friends Into Your Life

Chasing after your favorite albums on vinyl will make you get out there and make new friends by spending more time in music stores and flea markets swapping LPs and collector’s stories with other audiophiles.

Sorry Spotify, actual record players are indeed back.