Feel And Perform Better With Movement Patterns

October 20, 2016


All those who have read our guide on how to find the perfect exercise are probably making much more progress at the gym right now.

However, that’s not the end of the story, as there is one more way to improve and simplify your workout regimen – movement patterns.

Unlock Your Potential

If you’ve ever visited the gym, you know that there are ridiculously simple exercises, while there isn’t a lack of downright insanely complicated ones.

But in truth, any exercise can be simplified to the level of one of these four movement patterns: push, pull, hinge, or squat.

When you think about it, these four patterns aren’t only present in the gym – picking your suitcase off the ground is the most basic hinge, while putting that same suitcase in an overhead compartment is a form of pushing.

Although these movements seem like they can’t be more basic, focusing and practicing them will help you unlock most of your strength.

In practice, you can implement movement patterns into your workout by doing focusing on each pattern on different days. Start off with pushing exercises and end your week with some hinging moves – we promise your gym performance and everyday posture will be in a much better state.