Determine Your Perfect Exercise With These Simple Questions

October 12, 2016


Finding the right exercise that will make your gym-time less monotone and more efficient isn’t an easy thing to do, but it can get a lot simpler if you only ask yourself a couple of short questions.

Easy As One, Two, Three

The first and foremost question you have to ask yourself about an exercise is “will you hate it?”

Try a move a couple of times and see how you feel after you’re done with it.

If you aren’t exactly at the top of your game after those reps, move to the next exercise.

The next question is “can you afford it?” Perhaps one of your favorite exercises demands the use of a machine, but if you can’t pay for a yearly gym membership, it’s time to find an easier and home-friendlier exercise.

Finally, ask yourself this: “is it practical?” You might enjoy busting a halfway, one-sided deadlift, but it’s ultimately a complicated move which requires a lot of concentration and mind-effort. You’ll be better off with something you can simply plow through without much thinking.