Young Men: Upgrade Your Style With A Leather Belt

February 22, 2016


Whoever said accessories were made just for women either told a terrible lie or had absolutely no clue what a stylish young man looked like.

In any case, one of the easiest ways to upgrade your style is to upgrade your collection of accessories, namely with high-quality leather belts that add sophistication and class to any look.

Owning a large number of belts you hardly ever wear is pointless, but having just a few versatile pieces that you resort to every once in a while can take your entire wardrobe to the next level.

Opt for classic black or brown belts with brass buckles that can go with both jeans and suits. Keep it simple and classic, and that way your investment in a high-end belt will last you for years.

In order for a belt to work with your entire outfit, make sure it matches with your shoes. Matching the shoes and the belt means going for the same style, similar fabric and definitely the same color. If you’re wearing sneakers with a suit jacket and jeans, you can opt for a casual non-leather belt, but if you’re wearing leather shoes don’t forget to wear a leather belt of the same color.

Wearing a belt in the right way confirms you are a type of man who knows his fashion. If you also like to wear other accessories, such as cufflinks or tie tacks, make sure they are all the same color and understated, as they are not supposed to be the centerpiece of any outfit. Stick to belts less expensive than your shoes and go for the best quality you can afford.