You Can Now Pay Others To Do Your Breakups For You

May 14, 2015


While some people find that the hardest part of a relationship is getting things started, others have a much harder time trying to end things.

If you’re a guy who can’t handle ‘the talk’, her tears, or answering a dozen of meaningless questions, then the new Sorry It’s Over service is the perfect thing for you!

Breakup Hotline

Breaking up with someone is awkward, to say the least. In 99% of the cases crying is involved, and if you’re really unlucky, you can expect inanimate objects flying in the general direction of your head.

But now all of that can be avoided, courtesy of the Australian website Sorry It’s Over. Created by Kristy Mazins, it was basically designed to deliver a dump package on request – as long as you pay for it, that is.

Mazins’ breakup service offers different variations, with prices ranging from $5.5 to $90. The cheapest service includes an emotion-packed email that states the obvious, while the most expensive one consists of a representative, wine, chocolates, and for some reason, snakes.

The Future Of Relationships

Where not saying that this idea is bad, but we can’t deny that it’s convenient. Shy people and introverts simply can’t handle situations like these, so we can see how a breakup delivery might work for them.

On the other hand, some people strongly believe that this is the clear beginning of our death as social beings. It promotes being a coward and avoiding confrontation, and you can be sure that these things aren’t very manly.