You Can Now Officially Get Out of Work To Play Fallout 4

November 13, 2015


Imagine a world in which you can get out of work, school, or some other equally unfortunate event, only to stay at home and play one of the most anticipated and awesome video games at the moment.

Well, you can stop imaging it for it has become reality. Sort of.

Bethesda’s Fallout 4 came out a couple of days ago and the hype has been unreal. For a reason.

Fallout has become one of the biggest franchises in the world of video games, which prompted Pete Hines, Bethesda’s resident PR and marketing guru, to come up with this cool idea.

So, what is actually going on?

You are probably obliged to go to work during weekdays, some of you even during the weekend, which means Fallout 4 playing time will probably be cut in half, at best. Since this sucks bigtime, Hines decided to have you covered.

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There is a downloadable made-to-order sick note pre-signed by Hines that you can (try to) use to get out of work or school. The note reads:

Dear Teacher/Boss/Authority Figure:

Please excuse _______________ from school/work/other, today. She/he needs to stay home and rest their pancreas.


Pete Hines, MD, PhD, MBAm, BYOC

Why pancreas, you ask? Your guess is as good as ours. Now go download the original note and try it out. (Let us know if you get fired, though.)