You Can Now Forget Hangovers

March 18, 2015


With St. Patrick’s Day behind you, it’s only natural to expect a morning packed with headaches, noise sensitivity, and holes in your memory. This is what most of us would call “a hangover,” and it’s been a dreadful affliction of all men who like to enjoy their booze.

Unfortunately, even modern medicine admits that there is no viable ‘cure’ for being hungover. But don’t let that stop you – here are a couple of things you can do to feel better the morning after.

Resupplying Your Body

Before you start thinking ‘resupplying’ means drinking alcohol to negate the effects of a hangover, we have to stop you.

That’s exactly what you shouldn’t do in this case, because it’s the alcohol that brought you here in the first place.

When you engage into heavy drinking, alcohol makes you go to the bathroom more than you usually would. This way, you’re getting rid of fluids, dehydrating your body and lowering your levels of electrolytes.

In order to replenish those electrolytes, chug down a can of Gatorade, for example. It won’t solve your problem completely, but it will help with that annoying cottonmouth.

Close Your Eyes And Eat

If you haven’t eaten anything before drinking, you’ve probably vomited after your ninth beer. This might make it hard for you to eat in the morning, but you’ll have to sacrifice if you want that hangover to pass.

But don’t just eat anything – you need to raise your blood sugar level, so pick something starchy that’s also easy to digest. Crackers and bread are a good option here, while some people also prefer burnt toast, which is rich in carbon and can filter the alcohol out of your body.

Last, but not least, is nausea. It’s by far the most annoying factor of a hangover, so make sure you take something to settle your stomach. The most obvious choices for this are ginger, club soda, and soups.