Working On Your Body For A Stronger Brain

December 21, 2014


Yeah, we were also confused the first time we heard about this. But once we realized that scientists found the link between lifestyle factors and the prevention of Alzheimer’s, we had to look into it.

Finally, A “Cure”

Dementia is one of those diseases that humanity hasn’t found a cure for yet. So when someone says they know of a real way of lowering its risks, you better listen carefully.

Multiple studies in the UK revealed many things we didn’t know about preventing the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease. These studies were gathered and reviewed by a British health charity called Age UK.

For example, it has been found that things like a healthy diet, treating diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity lower the risk of developing dementia by 36%.

However, one specific lifestyle factor stands above all else – physical activity. As the most important factor when it comes to preventing dementia, you now have one more reason to hit the gym once in a while.

What Happens Next?

It has long been presumed that there is a link between lifestyle and dementia. But with this new-found evidence, a rise in life quality is expected to happen.

Caroline Abrahams, director of Age UK, had a few things to say about this on the charity’s website: “While there’s still no cure or way to reverse dementia, this evidence shows that there are simple and effective ways to reduce our risk of developing it to begin with.”

Besides these findings, there is also the discovery of the brain’s weak spot that’s largely responsible for the development of dementia. With that in mind, we strongly believe that our chances of fighting cognitive decline are stronger than ever.