Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Girlfriend To See Gone Girl

January 19, 2015


Gone Girl may be a popular new film by David Fincher that has resonated with audience and critics alike, but it should not be your first choice for a date night with your girlfriend.

Being that Gone Girl is a thriller revolving around a seemingly happily couple in their mid-30s, in which the husband, played by Ben Affleck, is being suspected of kidnapping his beautiful wife, played by Rosamund Pike, your date may definitely get the wrong impression, which is definitely something to be avoided.

Fincher’s latest release has a twist in the plot, when it turns out the wife actually staged her own disappearance to hurt her cheating husband using twisted, psychopathic ways.

Rosamund Pike’s performance as a mentally unstable wife out to get her husband is so convincing that it could make any guy question the contents of his girl’s purse, wondering if there is a weapon in there she could pull out at any second.

Needless to say, Gone Girl is a great movie, but it is best watched with friends on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Opt for “The Grand Budapest Hotel” or “Boyhood” instead, two great movies that are sure to be excellent conversation starters, but are still mildly themed and tame enough as to not steer the conversation in the wrong direction.