Why You Should Bike To Work Regularly

August 12, 2016


Aside from being an inexpensive form of transportation, cycling is also good for the environment and excellent for your overall health.

If you bike to work every day you can burn up to 1,000 calories on a daily basis. Not bad, huh?

This type of transportation and exercise is much better than say, running, as it is much easier on your knees and ankles.

Cycling Saves Lives?

In a study conducted in Shanghai, more than 67,000 people were followed over a period of 7 years in order to closely examine the connection between their cycling habits and the risk of serious diseases like heart attacks, high blood pressure, stroke, and cancer.

The research found that both regular exercise and cycling to work were associated with a reduction of mortality compared with inactive citizens of Shanghai.

In a separate experiment, scientist studied 6,954 men and women who spent three hours per week cycling to work and found that the risk of dying prematurely was reduced by a staggering 28%.

The study also found that biking helps people with diabetes. The researchers followed patients suffering from diabetes, who biked for at least 45 minutes three times a week, and realized that their insulin sensitivity was increased by 46%. Their visceral fat also decreased by 48%.

Cycling. The way to go!