Why And How: Home Exercising

December 29, 2014

Everyone can make excuses when it’s time to hit the weights, but how many of you can figure out how to have a proper workout while staying at home?

Not many, we suppose. That’s why you need to find out about the basics of muscle building and strengthening and learn how to incorporate fitness into your household.

Pulling Vs. Pushing


These two have been at war since the dawn of bodybuilding, yet the end is still not in sight. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which one you do, since they both give nearly the same results.

Rows and pull-ups use your body weight against you, while creating a larger anabolic response than isolation exercises like curls.

An average pull-up bar that can be installed into a doorway doesn’t cost more than a few bucks, so go get one and start pulling!

On the other hand, push-ups go in the opposite direction, yet they will help you develop almost the same muscle groups as the pull-ups. And the best part is – you don’t need any gear for them.

Planking All The Way


Forget what you’ve heard about sit-ups – the plank is the exercise for you.

Despite them being superior over the sit-up, planks have always been underestimated when it comes to building abs. Let us just tell you that planks work both your upper and lower abs, while sit-ups target only upper abs, and at a lower rate.

The plank also comes with a plethora of variations, so you probably won’t get bored with this one for a long time!