Who Is The King Of Cardio?

April 10, 2015


There is no dispute about cardio exercises and their direct impact on weight loss.
However, there is a disagreement regarding which aerobic exercise is the best, but after taking into account all the fact, two exercises come to a tie at first place – running and cycling.

While some prefer cycling as a more fun approach to cardio exercising, others prefer the freedom running offers them. In any case, we’ll compare the essential parts of these two exercises so you can ultimately decide which one suits you best.

Multitasking At Its Best

Before we get to which exercise is harder, we wanted to take a look at the practical side of both running and cycling.

First up is enjoyment – while most runners love propelling themselves with nothing but their muscles, cycling brings a different kind of joy to those who choose it.

Riding a bicycle may not be as hard as running, but it will bring a lot more thrill to you, especially when steep hills are involved. Plus, it can give you some time to rest while covering some distance at the same time.

Another benefit that cycling brings but running lacks is its ability to aid you in commuting. We aren’t saying that you should arrive to work all sweaty, but saving time during rush-hour and helping the environment while doing some mild cardio certainly beats running to work.

Efficiency And Costs

While cycling can save you time, running can do more for your body in terms of aerobic results and caloric burn. While going downhill, you’ll be resting on your bike, but you’ll still be moving if you opt out for running.

Also, a quality road bicycle can get a bit heavy on your wallet, while running shoes don’t really cost a lot. This clearly makes running the winner in the efficiency and cost department, as it keeps you engaged at all times and doesn’t require any special gear.

In the end, not everything is about how hard the exercise is, but how well it suits you. And since this is an individual thing, the actual decision making rests in your hands.