When To Eat Carbs So Your Body Doesn’t Store Fat

May 30, 2017


Let’s say that you already have a workout plan that works for you and you are familiar with the basics of healthy eating. Now all you need to do is learn how and when to eat those nasty and annoying carbohydrates so you don’t get fat.

In that name, here are the top 3 times of day when you should be eating your carbs in order to maximize your fat loss and use them to your advantage.

1. Morning Food

As most of you probably already know, the best time to consume carbs is in the morning, right after you wake up. What most of you presumably don’t know is WHY.

The thing is that overnight, while we sleep, our body fasts and goes through carbohydrates that it stored away previously.

These stored carbs are called – glycogen. Now, when we eat carbohydrates as soon as we get up in the morning, our body uses these carbs to replenish what you lost over night, rather than storing these carbs as fat.

Early carb gets the worm!

2. Pre-workout

Since carbs are crucial when it comes to providing enough energy to your body, the intake of carbs BEFORE your workout session is paramount for your fitness routine.

The equation is pretty simple actually – the more energy you have, the harder you train – so make sure to consume your carbs before your training and do so about an hour before your workout.

Some of the best carbs for your body are:

These are all nutrient-dense, minimally processed carbohydrates that will work just great for fueling your workout.

1. Post-Workout

When you train, the above mentioned glycogen is used up, so you need to make sure your body has enough of it at any time. In order for your body to replenish and make sure there are enough nutrients to go around after your workout session – you need carbs in your post-workout meal as well.

Also, carbs help shuttle insulin to the muscle cells, which induces the delivery of nutrients such as protein to the broken down muscle tissue.

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