What You Definitely Should Not Wear For Halloween

October 23, 2015


The 31st of October is fast approaching, which means it’s time for parties, scares, and amazingly crafty and creative costumes.

Speaking of costumes, most people would probably agree that it isn’t easy having the best Halloween outfit at the party. However, there’s something worse than not having the best costume – having the wrong costume.

Words Cannot Describe

There’s a fine line between being funny and don’t something downright wrong. Nobody is going to prosecute you for wearing an offensive costume, but in all honestly, we would not want to call you our friend if you did.

That being said, these few past years have been packed with big moments and big people doing stuff. For example, you might think it’s O.K. to go to a Halloween party dressed up in an unisex “Call Me Caitlyn” costume, but believe us when we say – it’s not O.K.

You might want to show support, but most party attendees will probably understand you costume as a form of mockery. The same goes for Bill Cosby, Jared Foggle, and any beloved celebrity that passed away in recent times – yes, that includes any form of Robin Williams.

Finally, don’t even think about going as one of these three things – an ISIS member, a Syrian refugee, or Cecil the Lion. We don’t think these wrong outfits need any explanation, but just to be sure – DON’T DO IT, MAN!