Ways To Up The Ante On Your Style Without Filing For Bankruptcy Part 2

June 9, 2016


It’s easy to look slick and amazing for every occasion when you have the means to buy quality clothes and shoes that look like they were made just for you (and perhaps they were). However, when you’re balancing with a tight budget, it can get pretty frustrating to even think about your style and how you should improve it.

Alas, all is not lost, since there a few ways and tricks for having a million dollar wardrobe without actually spending a million bucks.

Shoe Shopping

You can have the best and most expensive suit in the world, but it won’t really matter unless you have the right pair of shoes to go with it.

A high quality pair will upgrade your style to a whole new level and it’s also one of the simplest ways to boost the complete outfit.

On the other hand, a cheap pair will just do completely the opposite. Of course, buying a respectable pair of leather shoes isn’t a cheap thrill, but think of it as an investment.

However, you don’t need to empty your wallet completely since there are plenty of second-hand shoe stores which offer a whole array of used high quality shoes. Also, finding someone who lives and breathes shoes is another amazing option, because you will save a bunch of money in the future if you take them to a craftsman for repairs and restorations.

The Right Tailor For The Right Man

Finding a skilled tailor that gets you and gets what you want and need is just like finding a best friend – it can be hard but it’s totally worth it! Much like shoe restoring and repairing, adjusting your suit with a professional tailor will make any slightly used clothing item into something that looks like it costs a bunch of money. And the best thing is that everything will fit your perfectly.

Family Matters… And So Do Their Closets

There has to be someone in your family that has a similar build and taste to yours. Besides, everyone has something they don’t need any more. Don’t forget to adjust it so it fits you perfectly and you’re good to go!