Top 10 Pros and Cons of Being in a Committed Relationship

February 12, 2014

Sexy couple

For some people, the sacrifices involved in a committed relationship are well worth all of the benefits that having a deep bond with a romantic partner can bring. However, depending on your values, you might actually be better off staying single. Here are the top ten pros and cons that you should consider.

1. Con: The Thrill of the Chase is Gone

The anticipation and lust that pervades your earliest interactions with a gorgeous woman can be incredibly exciting and that delicious uncertainty naturally disappears as you become a committed couple. Your relationship can become predictable and you may start to take your partner’s attraction for granted when attaining it is no longer a challenge.

2. Pro: You Can Be Authentic

It is natural to begin by presenting the side of yourself that you think will be most attractive, which can mean anything from tiresomely excessive grooming to outright suppression of key personality traits. In a committed relationship, your partner will know all sides of you and you will no longer need to put up any façades.

3. Con: You Lose Some of Your Autonomy

Sharing your life with another person means that you have to take their needs and desires into account when you make choices. Obviously, this can feel oppressive sometimes, such as when you feel like you have to visit your partner’s parents instead of going to a football game.

4. Pro: Learning to Compromise Makes You More Empathetic

Working to compromise with another person will arguably make you a more mature and decent human being. By necessity, you’ll learn how to see things from your partner’s perspective, and you’ll learn how to communicate your own point of view in a clear and fair way.


5. Con: Sex Can Become Repetitive

You may find that you and your partner are hesitant to try new things and that you gradually fall into a predictable routine. While there is something to be said for having access to regular sex of any quality, it can seem a little less thrilling once you know the script.

6. Pro: Sex Can be Better Than Ever

Sex can stay exciting if you make a concentrated effort to escape your shared comfort zone every now and again. As a bonus, you can be candid about the things that really turn you on and knowing all about each other’s bodies can mean that physical intimacy is electric.

7. Con: You May Have Less Time for Other Relationships

Being in a committed relationship may take up almost all of your free time and you might find that some friendships receive less attention (so that you can spend an adequate amount of quality time with your partner).

8. Pro: Your Partner Can Be Your Lover and Your Best Friend

Even if you have fewer interactions with friends when you’re in a serious relationship, you may find that the intimate friendship you have with your partner is one of the most fun and rewarding that you’ve ever had.

9. Con: You May Wonder if the Grass is Greener on the Other Side

After you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, familiarity can lead you to wonder if you might be better off with someone else and this thought can make you feel less satisfied with your life.

10. Pro: Increased Quality of Life

There is evidence that people who are in loving, committed relationships have healthier responses to stress, reduced feelings of anxiety and better blood pressure levels.