This Is How You Keep Your Partner Happy

October 14, 2016


Sure men and women are two different worlds and we all need different things to keep our relationship healthy, but it seems that there is one thing that works both ways – empathy. Let’s see how it works.

Men, for instance, function better if their partner is happy and with a smile on their face. “There’s no question about it. Men like a happy spouse,” says Scott Bea, PsyD, of Cleveland Clinic. “I think it frees their brain for other things.”

A Two Way Street

A recent study conducted by the researchers at Harvard University says that men are much more satisfied when their spouses are expressing positive emotions.

The study examined couples who had to evaluate videos of themselves discussing difficult situations in their relationships.

The majority of women in the study felt better and more satisfied if their partner was able to feel their pain.

The interesting part is that the women also preferred it when their men were themselves upset, which means that they thrive on empathy and knowing their male partner is emotionally present in the relationship.

According to Dr. Bea, these results should help us overcome our differences and show us the recipe for a healthier relationship. The more men and women are empathetic toward each other, the happier they both are. As simple as that.