Things You Should Give Up By The Age Of 30 Part 2

June 2, 2016


It’s hard to determine when you have to give up the whole Peter Pan nonsense and start behaving like an adult, but let’s face it – by the time you’re 30, some things just don’t cut it anymore.

Those behavioral stupidities didn’t quite make any sense earlier in your life as well, but you got away with them because, well, you were in your twenties and no one really expected you to do anything remotely adult-like. However, with hitting the 30th age mark, you should ditch these couple of things you used to (not) do.

Avoiding The Doctor

This is a bad idea altogether, no matter your age or gender. However, while in our twenties, we don’t need to go to the doctor so often due to us being in our best shape and health ever.

However, when we hit the 30th birthday mark, our body is starting the process of slowly fading away.

Yup, it’s starting – you’re not so immune to mild diseases and you generally just have to take more care of yourself.

Avoiding the doctor may have been a regular part in your 20’s routine, but it’s about time that it stops. Regular checkups are a must from this point on.

Mismatched Bed Sheets With Motifs

The chances are that you’re probably sporting those high-school sheets for way longer than you were supposed to. You were supposed to get rid of them back in your twenties. If you haven’t, for some undisclosed reason, it’s about time. Chose something elegant, classic and natural-fibered (preferably cotton) and by all means avoid synthetic materials with boyish motifs. Maybe someone will actually spend the night then, did you think about that?

Futons And Lazy Bags

You’re a grownup, and as one you need grown up furniture. That means you ought to say goodbye to those uncomfortable and hideous futons, and while you’re at it, get rid of that nasty lazy bag you had since high school. If you really need it for video game nights and such, at least buy a new one. And get a real sofa!

Hating Your Friends’ Partners

Not cool, dude. You don’t have to absolutely adore them, but to be friendly and try to have a positive relationship with your friends’ other halves. They may end up marrying that person, and you will forever be known as the guy who hates his friend’s wife. If she makes him happy, who are you to judge? You will not get bro-dumped, so man up.