The Simpsons Just Lost Mr. Burns And Skinner

May 15, 2015


One might easily say that “The Simpsons” is the most successful TV show of all time. 26 seasons and over 600 hilarious episodes since 1989 following the same, dysfunctional, fan-favorite family make for the most well-known television show in the world.

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However, things aren’t looking so great right now. As it happens, Harry Shearer, who voiced characters like Mr. Burns and Principal Skinner has officially left the series.

Almost Three Decades Later

This animated show has been running for 26 years and has no intention of stopping.

“The Simpsons” earned their popularity thanks to famous references, satirical lines and dialogues, but also stereotypical characters.

Harry Shearer announced his retirement from the series on Twitter with various comments on how bad the show is doing. This is not really unexpected, since Fox tried to lower costs by nailing the voice cast with a pay cut in 2011.

There were negotiations and the cut was lower than initially planned, but the tension was still present. Forward 4 years later, and one of the crucial members of the voice cast is leaving the party for good.

What To Expect?

Although Shearer didn’t exactly explain the reason behind this decision, many suspect that he and Fox couldn’t come to an agreement in terms of money. With Harry Shearer leaving, we can say goodbye to the mean Mr. Burns, the promiscuous Principal Skinner, and the lost Ned Flanders.

Fox recently announced two more seasons of “The Simpsons,” but will it be the same, old comedy cartoon without some of its crucial characters? Only time will tell.