The Most Important Rules Of Being Stylish

April 21, 2015


You have killer dance moves, you’re pretty, and you voice is sexy, but you don’t know how get your hair too look awesome or what to wear for a date. This can destroy your game completely, because not having style can also mean not having any chances at scoring a chick.

The days when all you had to do to have style is to be sober and wear a hat have passed. This is the time of metrosexuality, and if you want to catch a girl, you need to step your game up in terms of style. That’s why we’ll give you these three major rules on how to bring style wherever you go.

Details, Details

Unlike most men, the ladies have quite the eye for details. They will notice if you matched the colors of your clothing right or if that sweater you’re wearing is four-years-old.

This is why if you want to be stylish at all, you must pay attention to details.

Open your wardrobe, hold every shirt next to your face, and be honest about whether it suits you or not.

This can make a difference in the long haul, as you’ll learn how to both shop and dress smarter in the future.

But it’s not only the colors or the mixing girls will be looking out for. Small things like shoes, accessories, and facial hair can also determine whether you got game or not.

Whether you’ve picked a belt with an over-the-top buckle or your looks like you’ve just encountered a tornado, you’ll be immediately marked as ‘that guy with no style.’

Fit Over Comfy

The modern man would usually go for shorts instead of pants. This is because we would rather be comfortable than uptight, but style isn’t all that white-and-black.

The key to being stylish lies in wearing clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in. When you pick suits, you’ll want one that suits your body the best without being too constricting. This will give you a stylish edge, because you’ll look good and you’ll know it.

The same rule applies for casual clothes. You might have a fear of jeans because you used to wear super-tight ones in the past, so pick a pair that’s looser but still matches the rest of your clothes.