The Lousiest And Weirdest Excuses For Backing Out Of A Date Part 1

June 22, 2016


So, someone invited you on a date and you said yes, for whatever reason. Now, you’re not so sure whether you want to go, or you simply don’t have the time, so you decide on using an excuse. Well, there are some valid and good excuses which you can always use, such as sickness, work, seeing someone else, etc.

However, there’s a whole new universe being created by the second, of lousy and plain old weird excuses that just don’t make any sense. If you want to join in on the game and be an idiot, you can use these truly odd justifications for your “not showing up” on your date. You shouldn’t… But you can. Be warned.

My Phone Was Robbed

Go with this “blame it on the bad guys” classic that also prevented you for calling to let your date know that you’re not going to show up.

Because, you know, your phone is the only phone on the world and you didn’t write your date’s number anywhere else.

Who can remember all those digits? You certainly can’t.

The robber turned out to be a really nice guy in the end, so he returned you the phone, and that’s why you’re calling from the same number. Duuh.

I’m On House Arrest

Well, no one can argue with that! It can get pretty difficult to leave your house while you’re under house arrest. Also, you didn’t want to invite her or him to your place, because, you know, what would the people say? Inviting someone over on the first date is just bad taste.

I’m Broke

Of course you’re expected to pay at least your share, but you’re broke, and that’s why you can’t go on a date. Seriously, do you know how much a drink costs? Not to mention a whole meal? Jeez, you’re not Donald Trump.

I Did Some Heavy Drugs And I Forgot

Totally reasonable. While you’re high on drugs, it’s impossible to remember a little thing as a date. What is a date in the grand scheme of things, anyways? Nothing! Just a mere smudge. By the way, make sure to mention that you just didn’t want to share. You are just not the drug sharing guy she or he thought you were.

I Had To Go To A Cat Funeral

Mittens was a beloved cat by many. He had a lot of friends, and his surprising death after only 20 years of existence came too soon. No one saw it coming, especially not your neighbor, who has been crying for hours. Of course you couldn’t leave you neighbor alone in a time like that! Someone died, jeesh.