The Electric Future Of The Bicycle

March 9, 2015


The first time cars replaced bicycles as a more convenient way of transport, it was regarded as an industrial revolution. But in the midst of sky-rocketing fuel prices and pollution, the friendly two-wheeler has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Due to the popularity gain, more and more brands are turning towards the electric side of the bicycle, and from that comes only one conclusion – E-Bikes are the future of transport.

No More Rush Hour

An electric bike might seem like an oxymoron at first, but once you look into all of its benefits, you’ll see why E-Bikes have become so popular in the world.

First off, if we were all to travel by bicycle, the traffic would flow much easier and the term “rush hour” would become a thing of the past.

Second, an E-Bike is more than a piece of fitness or sports gear. It’s cheaper than a car, much more fun, and can reach greater speeds at less effort than pedaling a regular bicycle.

What About The Price?

Before they became so popular, E-Bikes have been notorious for their price. Why would you buy a $1000 electric bicycle when you can get a regular one for $80, while also getting an opportunity to exercise?

However, the manufacturers recognized the problem, and addressed it quite nicely. Nowadays, you can find E-Bike for less than $500, which makes electric bicycles much more appealing to the masses.

Bottom line, muscle burn and sweaty clothes are fine when you’re exercising, but in case you’re commuting to work, you can see why an electric device is much more convenient than an ordinary bicycle.