The Beauty Of Dating A Messy Girl

April 29, 2015


Most of us imagine our perfect woman to be stylish, neat, elegant, and with tact. However, it’s not uncommon for girls in their 20’s to be quite the opposite of that.

But before you say ‘no’ to dating a messy girl, consider the benefits you get from it. She might not be the girl of your dreams at first, but once you realize how relaxed and outgoing your relationship can get, you’ll want nothing but messy in your life.

No Judging, No Embarrassment

We’re not talking about girls who literally take no care of themselves. We’re talking about girls who pay little to no attention to what others think about them.

Worrying about the opinion of others can put a lot of pressure on you, and no relationship can work with that.

The fact that she’s so liberal and loose makes her unable to feel embarrassed.

She’s not impolite – she just does what she wants. And as long as that’s not hurting anyone, it’s O.K. Next up we have table manners. Sure, it might seem nicer when a girl delicately eats a salad while having a lot of class, but the real fun begins when you can challenge her to a hot wings-eating contest.

A Liberal Approach To Life

Unlike the modern rules of dating, going out with a messy girl doesn’t involve 4-day rules and the rest of the nonsense. If you invite her to sleep over, she’ll most likely accept, which gives your relationship with her a spontaneous chance to evolve.

Last, but not least, is your own freedom. If you didn’t like being so uptight and serious with other girls, than the one that wears six different colors on a date is the one for you. She won’t judge you and you’ll feel freer to actually be yourself.