Tesla Enthusiasts, Rejoice! New Model Priced At $35,000!

February 12, 2016


When automobiles first hit the road they were extremely expensive to buy, let alone upkeep due to high prices of fuel and parts.

As the middle class started to be more prominent, purchasing automobiles gradually stopped being reserved for the rich only and more and more people were able to afford them as their purchasing power increased, and the cost of fuel decreased.

Well, it seems things are going in the same direction with Tesla Motors! What started as a luxury car maker is turning into a more affordable option for all those looking to ditch gas and go electric.

Instead of setting you back an arm and a leg, Tesla Motor has been working hard to bring their technology to the masses, or at least to more potential buyers than before.

Elon Musk has confirmed that the starting on March 31, you’ll be able to purchase the Model 3 for $35,000, and if you reserve yours in store (March 31) or online (April 1), you’ll be getting a $1,000 discount.

The March 31 deadline is a promise kept by the man himself to unveil an affordable electric car by March, 2016, although production won’t begin until 2017. The $35,000 price tag doesn’t include government incentives, which means Model 3 could cost even less.