Talk Show King David Letterman Saying His Goodbyes

May 21, 2015


Movies come out every now and then, TV series come and go, but we got used to talk shows being a constant in our lives. And if you got used to watching David Letterman on the Late Show, we’ve got some bad news – he’s retiring.

A Legend Of Old

Letterman was the host of NBC’s Late Night from 1982-1993, after which he transferred to CBS’ Late Show.

Up until today, he accumulated over 6,000 broadcasts in his 33 years of working as a talk show host.

Last night, David Letterman hosted his final Late Show, welcoming guests like Barbara Walters, Jim Carrey, and Peyton Manning, with his wife Regina and son Harry sitting in the audience.

We could see footage of Letterman with five different Presidents who sat in the White House. Many jokes were made about this, with the last clip showing President Barack Obama saying: “David Letterman is retiring.”

Burying The Hatchet

After the Presidents ushered Letterman into retirement, he took the stage to make a funny reference to the long-running issue with fellow host Jay Leno, and to wish Stephen Colbert, who’s set to inherit the seat, all the best.

As reports suggest, Leno was invited by the production team to appear on the show, but he declined. Nonetheless, Letterman said his final goodbye to him, his colleagues, his guests, the TV industry, and ultimately to his faithful audience.