Sweat Is Your New Deodorant

April 17, 2015


No matter what caused it, sweat was always considered disgusting. It makes your close wet and stained, and it smells, especially after a whole day of hard work, training, or heat.

However, a study published in Psychological Science suggests that our sweat has a use other than stopping our body from overheating, and that use is emitting positive energy.

Glowing From Sweat

Sweating is the natural process of your body relieving itself of toxins, especially when it’s in a hot and arid surrounding.

By producing sweat you help your body regulate the temperature, which prevents dehydration, headaches, and losing consciousness.

Aside from its regular purpose, various researches have shown that our sweat can transmit negative emotions like anger, fear, or sadness.

Other people pick up the chemical compounds in your sweat, detecting negative emotions and unknowingly changing the way they treat you.

But as you know, there are emotions on the opposite end of the spectrum, and no research took this into consideration. Until now, that is.

Transmitter Meets The Receiver

A research team from Utrecht University in the Netherlands collected sweat samples from 12 men of different states, which included fear, happiness, and neutral.

After exposing 36 women to these samples, the team noticed that women activated the same parts of the brain after smelling the ‘fear’ and ‘happiness’ samples. Their reaction to both samples was pretty much the same, but it was different from reacting to the ‘neutral’ sample.

This basically confirms that there is a link between the odor sender and receiver.

Senior researcher Gün Semin said: “This is another step in our general model on the communicative function of human sweat, and we are continuing to refine it to understand the neurological effects that human sweat has on recipients of these chemical compounds.”

The “sweat theory” is yet to be fully confirmed. It will eventually happen, and when it does, you can bet your deodorant will never see the light of day again.