Study Finds That Being Good-Looking Is Not Good For A Man’s Career

December 9, 2015


Here’s a game changer! It has been speculated that women blessed with good looks are more likely to be more successful at work, but it seems that the opposite affects men.

A new study has found that good-looking men are less likely to be promoted at work than their less attractive colleagues.

This surprising finding lies in one simple truth that most men won’t admit to. Namely, experts found that male colleagues tend to be “reluctant to promote” those who look better than them.

The research was handled by the University College London’s School of Management, and it also suggested that handsome men, although considered competent, were perceived as a threat, even in the workplace.

The research also suggests that good-looking fellas are more likely to be rejected for jobs that involve individual talent and are more competitive, but they are always picked for jobs in which the key lies in team performance.

This way, they are enabled to further their own career by standing out and providing their boss with all the things necessary for further career development.