Science Says People Who Sleep Late Have Higher IQ And Are More Creative

May 4, 2017

sleep late

Recently we posted an article about how people who wear crazy socks tend to be more creative and intelligent. Today we have some similarly positive news for those of you who like to sleep late and don’t like waking up early.

While early birds usually get more praise in this twisted modern society, science begs to differ.

Several studies show that choosing to stay up late and burn the midnight oil is actually a sign of a creative mind isn’t as bad as one might think.

In fact, if you are wired to sleep late function better at night, you may be:

Night Owls And Higher IQ

According to evolutionary scientist Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics, there’s a link between intelligence and people who are the notorious night owls.

Kanazawa’s study found that kids with higher IQs are more likely to grow up into grown-ups who like to go to bed later in the night and wake up as late as possible.

Finally a viable excuse to sleep in tomorrow.

Night Owls And Creativity

Good news for all the artists amongst our readers! Not only do night owls tend to be more intelligent, they seem to be more creative as well.

A recent research conducted by the folks over at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan revealed that that persons who like to stay up late are far more creative and have a much higher chance of coming up with original and creative ideas and solutions to problems.

The researchers suggest that the night owl’s non-conventional spirit might just be the reason behind their alternative solutions and oblique thinking.

Sorry early birds, us night owls caught the worm this time.