Santa Claus Wanted For Stealing A Chopper

December 4, 2015


The Sao Paulo Police Department is on a most peculiar manhunt, which they likely never thought as possible.

The Brazilian crime-fighters are on the lookout for a Santa Claus, who stole nothing short of a chopper!

A man dressed as Santa Claus tied up the pilot of the aircraft, and then flew away with it. Namely, he rented the chopper from an air-taxi service at the Campo Marte airport in Sao Paulo.

After lying to the pilot about wanting to participate in the Black Friday celebrations, the bad Santa showed his true intentions after the aircraft was airborne. The pilot, who was taken as a hostage, was directed to fly the chopper to a small farm outside of the big city, where he landed the Robinson 44 model.

A second thief arrived at the destination, and the dastardly duo tied up the pilot before getting back in the chopper and flying off.

The unlucky pilot managed to escape after a few hours, and alerted the police. The Brazilian police then issued a manhunt for the fugitives, not believing what just happened (much like the poor pilot). It’s pretty safe to say that the fugitive chopper-stealing Santa Claus will not be getting on the “nice” list, nor will his partner in crime.