Regrowing Your Hair Thanks To Science

October 26, 2015


Let’s be honest here – most men are bound to lose some hair as they grow older. It isn’t a shame, it’s how humans work, but there’s now a way to regrow all the hair you might have lost due to an innate receding hairline!

A Miracle Cure

You read that right, guys! There’s been a scientific breakthrough in the hair department which we strongly believe most naturally bald men will cheer for.

As it happens, a research team from Columbia University led by Angelo Christiano has recently found a way to virtually wake hair up!

In scientific terms, hair follicles have two separate phases: dormant and active. Once you start losing your hair, more and more of these follicles go into the dormant phase, which keeps your hair growth suspended.

Fortunately, Christiano and her team found an enzyme called janus kinase (JAK), which controls these phases. After experimenting with drugs that inhibit JAK in mice, the research team discovered that mice can regrow their hair completely in three weeks when they receive topical ruxolitnib for five days.

Although it’s believed ruxolitnib can cause the same changes in humans, Christiano said: “What we’ve found is promising, though we haven’t yet shown it’s a cure for pattern baldness.” So don’t get your hopes up quite yet, but don’t deny that this looks promising!