Real Madrid Blames Manchester United For Failed De Gea Deal

September 1, 2015


You know what they say – when you’re not happy about something, just blame some else. The famous and successful soccer club Real Madrid did just that, as their deal with Manchester United’s David de Gea flopped.

David de Gea was supposed to transfer from Manchester Unitedto Real Madrid during this transfer window, but as the deal collapsed, the club issued a statement in which they blamed the other club.

In the statement, the club revealed their version of the event which sparked controversy and brought up some inner issues within the soccer league.

According to Madrid, United is to be totally blamed for the breakdown of the move. De Gea will be staying in his current club for this season.

The deal was supposed to be pretty lucrative for United, as it summed up to £29.5m. Real’s keeper Keylor Navas was supposed to be transferred to United, but none of it will happen due to an administrative hitch.

It first seemed as the deal was simply stalled, but it quickly turned out that that was not the case. Spanish league officials stated that they did not receive any paperwork from Real regarding the transfer, although United stated that they signed and sent all relevant documentation.