Pimp Or A Gentleman – What Your Watch Says About You

June 4, 2014

watch man

We’ve all seen it: the opinionated guy at the business meeting in the nicely tailored suit, pristine white shirt, designer tie, and air of self-importance. And what’s on his wrist?

A giant watch that protrudes awkwardly from his sleeve with eight crowns, every bell and whistle, a colored face, and diamond dial. It’s just another overcompensating guy with too much money and not enough personal taste.

Men are limited when it comes to jewelry, however even if you wear jewelry, your watch should be the most noticeable piece you wear.

Unless you are a rapper then your watch should be the only piece of jewelry – apart from your wedding ring – that you should heavily invest in. Remember once cared for and looked after, a watch should last you for many years, so they are worth the investment.

Although men’s style sensibilities may be different, there are plenty of things that’ll be universal. You want a sharp timepiece that’s made with high quality materials with a precise and accurate movement. You want something authentic, but accessible. And since your choice of timepiece says so much about who you are, you’ll want something that expresses character but fits with your lifestyle.

Watches provide men with an outlet to express themselves. Even to someone who doesn’t know anything about watches, when they see someone wearing one, they automatically assume the wearer is conscientious and dependable. Why would he be wearing a watch if time weren’t important to him? There you go. You have already made a great first impression.

However, for those of us who are familiar with each individual brand, we notice the specific watch you are wearing. We know what the brand represents and the time, effort, and research that went into purchasing that specific watch. We understand that your watch does more than just tell you the time. It tells you that you value finely crafted pieces that took a long time to design and create. We understand that, although this watch cost a significant amount of money, to you, it is priceless.

Wearing a luxury watch can also signify appreciation for an innovative company which is constantly pushing the envelope by using new materials and new techniques to build even more precise mechanical watches – basically using a complete new set of tools for the digital age to turn the long-lasting dreams of watchmakers into reality. In this respect, watchmaking has turned into an art form.