Microsoft’s 29-dollar Nokia Smart Phone

January 7, 2015


Microsoft is set to release its latest Nokia smartphone in early 2015, but the price tag brings up questions that many analysts and tech enthusiasts are rushing to answer.

Namely, the new phone will only cost $29, it won’t feature any groundbreaking innovations, and it certainly won’t appeal to the tech savvy population which is constantly looking for upgrades. So, what’s the deal with Nokia 215?

Microsoft acquired Nokia eight months ago, and it clearly has some peculiar plants with the former giant.

Nokia 215 is set to target first-time smartphone users or anyone wishing to add a second phone to their collection of gadgets.

The phone will be Internet-ready and will support Facebook, Twitter, Bing Search, MSN Weather and Opera Mini as its browser, but it won’t have any Office apps.

The idea behind Nokia 215 is to market it in the emerging markets, where millions of new users are waiting to connect via an affordable smartphone. Clever? We have yet to see.

Analysts predict that the cheaper phone will allow Microsoft to gain market share in emerging markets, something they are looking to do at any cost, as they have a lot riding on the Nokia acquisition.

New users in Africa, Asia and the Middle East will be able to purchase the phone in the upcoming months, thus potentially setting Microsoft up for colossal success should this prove to be a means of bringing smartphone technology to a stockpile of new consumers.

And for those who have had it with giants constantly trying to outsmart each other in their fight to sell smartphones that are soon to hit a $1000 mark, Nokia 215 may just be a way out of the consumer-crazed world.