LA Should Probably Prepare For An Earthquake

October 22, 2015


Natural disasters are never a breeze, but when an organization like NASA says that a major city is probably going to get hit by an earthquake, people would be wise to listen.

According to their latest study, NASA claims that there is 99.9% chance of a 5.0 or greater earthquake hitting the Los Angeles area in the next two years.

This is based on information stemming from the 2014 earthquake known as La Habra.

Caltech’s JPL laboratory examined the data from the previous major quake and the geological activity that happened since then, and came to the scary conclusion.

The authors wrote: “Here we show that Los Angeles regional thrust, strike-slip, and oblique faults are connected and move concurrently with measurable surface deformation, even in moderate magnitude earthquakes, as part of a fault system that accommodates north-south shortening and westerly tectonic escape of northern Los Angeles.”

They ominously added: “A future M6.1–6.3 earthquake wouldn’t be much of a surprise.”

A quake of this magnitude would be devastating regardless, but it going to be even worse if it hits a densely-populated area such as LA. All that remains now is to prepare for this as best as we can.