Joseph Blatter Ordered To Step Down Immediately By The European Parliament

June 11, 2015


After a series of corruption scandals and investigations, Joseph Sepp Blatter has been ordered to step down as FIFA President with immediate effect. The decision has been made by the European Parliament during a plenary session in Strasbourg. Although not actually legally binding, the resolution is just another drop in the sea of political pressure on the Swiss football administrator.

The 79-year-old former FIFA President offered his resignation on June 2nd, just four days after being re-elected as the head of FIFA, but because it would not take effect until December (at the earliest), the European Parliament decided to take matter into their own hands.

FIFA will also have to select an “appropriate interim leader” to replace Blatter’s place.

The world football’s governing body suffered a huge crisis in May when 14 of its officials and executives (both former and current) were charged for corruption in Zurich.

Blatter’s replacement will most likely not be chosen until the end of the year, while the emergency meeting at FIFA headquarters will take place around the same time. Sepp will get a chance to defend himself and clear his name, which will surely prove to be a difficult thing to do.

Joseph Blatter was at the helm of FIFA for 17 years, which makes him the longest running President of any sport government body.