Is It Love Or Is It Beer?

May 22, 2015


Falling madly in love with someone is often linked to strange behavior like daydreaming, being unable to eat, or having a low attention span. And when you think about it, these things are also commonly seen in drunken people.

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Although the two sensations are certainly not the same, a recent study shows that being in love and being drunk share quite a few characteristics.

Being Drunk On Love

The study conducted at the University of Birmingham revealed that alcohol has a similar effect on our brains as oxytocin, a hormone which plays a great part in the process of bonding and being intimate.

The results showed that even though oxytocin and alcohol trigger different receptors in the brain, they activate a parallel response in our brain structure.

The two compounds create similar reactions on our neurotransmitters, which control our levels of fear, stress and courage.

Bottom line, both love and beer can lower your fear and anxiety, and now science explains why. Maybe this is the reason why so many lonely people turn to heavy drinking or maybe it’s just coincidence.