How To Make A Long-Distance Relationship Work

April 15, 2015


In one way or another, every couple struggles to keep a relationship alive and on steady feet. However, when partners are far away from each other, the maintenance job become at least ten times harder.

A relationship always needs two people to properly function, and the same rule applies to long-distance. With that in mind, here a few tips on how to do your end of the job in case you find yourself in a long-distance relationship.

Intimacy And Trust

No matter what type of relationship you’re in, there are two things that will always have a presence – trust and intimacy.

First off, trust is what defines a happy couple. If you don’t believe in what she’s saying and you start getting jealous over nothing, you need to do a priority check.

Next up is intimacy. It might seem hard to have any of it while being so far away from your partner, but it’s more than possible to keep the intimacy aspect of a relationship strong and steady.

Small gestures, like remembering dates and sending flowers, can go a long way even in long-distance.

Sex also falls into the intimacy aspect. We know it can never be as good as the real thing, but phone sex is just another normal thing you can do. Dirty messages and photos will ensure you steer clear of sexual frustration, while also keeping the fire lit.

Never Stop Learning

The trick with long-distance relationships lies in the fact that they rarely stay the same for long. Just when you got used to one thing, that same thing can change the next week and you’ll just have to accept that.

The only thing that you’ll constantly need to do is to learn. It won’t be easy, since no change ever is, but it will be worth it. Just think about where you see yourself in the near future – if it’s with your lady, then you have to accept changes on a regular basis.