How To Exercise With Your Dog (Part 1)

August 17, 2016


Just like us men, our canine friends also need exercise in order to remain healthy.

Since we sometimes don’t have enough time for all daily activities we should attend to, we have a piece of advice for a win-win situation.

Go out and do some exercising with your pooch. This way you are both getting the much needed physical activity, while your dog also gets to spend more time with his master. (And as a bonus, you might meet some cute girls using your dog as a chic-magnet).

Running With Your Dog

What better way to train than run side by side with your dog? It is an excellent form of exercise for both of you. Get a hands-free leash as it makes running with your dog a whole lot easier.

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Since off-leash running is not generally recommended, find an area without traffic and lots of people around, and if your dog is reliable when it comes to recall, by all means go for it.

Also, if your pooch is out shape a bit (or maybe you are), make sure you start slowly and then gradually work your way up to higher paces and longer distances.


While going biking with your canine friend can be fun, be careful. Not all breeds are capable of running fast alongside your bike, so make sure you check with your vet whether or not your pooch is up for it. This exercising activity can be rather dangerous for both you and your dog.

However, if your buddy is up for the task, cycling with your pooch can be lots of fun. Make sure you start slowly and give him time to get used to running by the bike and to the speed.

It is crucial that your pooch is properly leashed for this one. See if you can find a quality bicycle attachment as you will need both of your hands for steering. Once all the technical issues are out of the way, go out and have fun.