How To Exercise With Your Dog (Part 2)

August 18, 2016


Last time we talked about just how fun and effective exercising with your dog can be by mentioning cycling and running with your pooch. This time we’ll concentrate on two other activities which can provide you both with that much needed physical activity.


Plain old walking is the classic form of mild exercise and your canine friend will just love it.

This way you will bond with your buddy and give him the chance to explore all the wonders of your neighborhood, while the two of you get some exercise as well. Another win-win situation.

However, be careful not to walk fast and too briefly. Your dog needs the time to sniff around and satisfy his primal needs.

If you two go for a walk every day, try to take a different route every so often in order to make it more interesting for both you and your dog. Explore.


First, make sure your pooch knows how to swim. Some dog breeds simply don’t like water that much, or are not too good at swimming.

But if you happen to have a pooch that likes going for a swim, you know the drill – just get him near water and watch him have fun.

You can also combine plain swimming with the game of fetch, which makes this activity even more fun for both of you.