How Stress Might Be Destroying Your Career

October 1, 2015


Stress is always a serious issue, no matter in what aspect of your life does it appear. It can cause both physical and emotional changes, as well as prevent us from having a normal life. In terms of working, however, stress takes a whole new form.

According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, stress can kill any leadership potential you might have. How, you ask? Just read on.

While performing the study, the research team observed 78 male executives from Harvard University.

They would check how many people each of them is managing and how many reports they’ve made at the office.

For the physical part of the study, the researchers took saliva samples from each subject and measured their testosterone and cortisol hormone levels. Testosterone is directly linked to leadership skills, while cortisol is also called the ‘stress hormone’.

Once the study was concluded, the team found that subjects who were exposed to more stress couldn’t produce as much testosterone as those with lower levels of stress. Simply put, cortisol inhibits the benefits of testosterone, preventing you from taking matters into your own hands and progressing up the career ladder.

Now that you know this, what are you going to do? If you ask us, take things easy and in moderation, and try to make the best out of every day. If something doesn’t go your way, don’t sweat it – take another crack at it tomorrow with a clear head, and you’ll make it work.